Healthy Relationship With Colleagues


A healthy relationship with colleagues is always the best, during school days.


Importance of maintaining a good relationship with colleagues 

Disadvantages of not maintaining a good relationship with colleagues 




In our post today, we are going to discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with colleagues in school, majority of the students neglect to keep a better mutual understanding between them during their school days, which is a very big mistake.

You will agree with me that most movies we watch are pure realities of life, some movies made us understand that maintaining a healthy relationship with colleagues helps brighten our future, it is well clear that no one can succeed alone, we need each other's support to make it to the higher level.

Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Colleagues

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your colleagues during University days is very important because you don't only go to school to learn your books, you also get to learn how to leave with a different caliber of people, you learn how to manage your anger, how to tolerate, but with all these, if you end up graduating without maintaining a healthy relationship with your colleagues you have done nothing.

When you can maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues, in the nearest future they will be the ones to support you, every of your colleague is important, so value them, give them their respect, also get to know them, so that when you graduate and life appears unfavorable, you can go to them for help.

A lot of schoolmates are the reason behind changing one's story if they are doing well and see you after graduation, their memory will be taken back to school days, and then, every single thing you do will be recalled, all the good things you have done, a flashback of it will come to the memory, and the next is for them to ask how you are faring before you realize it, everything good will fall in place for you.

They will help you, support you, guide you through your desires, and you will be happy again.

Disadvantages Of Not Maintaining A Good Relationship With Colleagues

A lot of times people regret their actions, would you like to be one of those people? Ask yourself, the answer is no, then why would you like to leave a bad memory of yourself behind?

Sometimes, it is not intentionally done, but let's put it to the age problem, it is assumed to be acting of age, most time, but that's just an excuse.

The cause of leaving bad memory of you to your colleagues is mostly caused by


Jealousy is a very terrible pattern of destroying your relationship with people, when you are jealous of every little progress they make in school, they get to know about it and avoid you, if you are the type that is jealous of the progress of your colleague try to stop it, the end mostly results to something bad.


Some colleagues envy their colleagues and always want to be like them, having such feelings makes them try to avoid every possible information that can get across to them, if you have such friends, you will be limited to so much academic information, try to avoid them, and if you are that type please stop it, future matters a lot, it will affect you.


Competitive colleagues are worst than all the above-mentioned, a colleague that is competing with you will never let any information get across to you, and every of your progress will be tracked by the colleague to attack your next move, avoid them, and if you are one of those people competing with their colleagues stop it.

The disadvantage of leaving a bad memory to your colleagues during school days is that, when you come across each other after a long while, the bad memories come to them immediately, and that speaks badly of you.

Let me tell you a story, I came across a colleague of mine, I was gisting with my sister about the colleague, and I have forgotten all the bad behaviors, but during the discussion, when I showed the picture to my sister, the first that came to her mind was the bad attitudes she displayed during those days,  and I was reminded of it all.

Now come to think of it, assuming it was not a mare discussion, but rather it is something important she needed help for, do you think she can be rendered some help? It's hard.

So when you leave a negative mark behind during your school days, it will be so hard for you to erase it back, after a long while, such will affect your future helpers, you don't know who will help you tomorrow, try to be nice to every of your colleague, it is important.

In conclusion

It is important to maintain a very healthy relationship with your colleagues, because, leaving a negative mark behind can affect your future in big time, let us be wise and respect each other, and value everyone as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can They Change From That Attitude?

No! They can never change, that's how they are brought up, it takes the grace of God for their changes to occur.

2. Can Such Colleagues Affect My Academic Performance?

Yes! Such colleagues can affect your performance, especially when you discuss everything with them, be careful.

3. How do I avoid them without creating issues?

You can avoid them in so many ways, if you study with such colleagues you minimize it by giving excuses for your studies together, minimizing checking on them, stop sharing your academic progress with them.

4. How Do I Know Their Type?

You can know them by careful observation, such colleagues hardly hide, when you are successful observe the countenance on their faces, and listen to the utterance on their lips.

5. Is There a Benefit to Making Them Friends?

No! There is no single benefit, you will continue to be the one at a loose end, just avoid them, because even in the future they will not be helpful, they always want to be the best, not you.

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